Dare To Go Bare
Sphynx Kitties

Seller guarantees that this kitten is healthy to the best of her knowledge. Parents have been tested for Feline leukemia and FIP and are both negative for it. We are a herpes free cattery. This kitten is guaranteed for 72 hours against, but not limited to the following ailments: upper respiratory infection, internal and external parasites. Buyer has 72 hours to take the kitten to the vet for a health exam, if any serious health concerns are found, the buyer may return kitten to the seller within 72 hours with an explanation from the attending vet. Kitten will be replaced with a kitten when a kitten is available. No medical or travel charges will ever be refunded. During this first 72 hours, the kitten should be isolated from any other pets and monitored for health, eating, litter box usage and activity level. The seller is not responsible for any injury or illness to other pets caused by exposure to this kitten. Under no circumstances will this cat or kitten be sold, leased or given away to any pet store, research laboratory, breeding mill or similar facility. This cat or kitten will be kept indoors and not be allowed to roam freely outdoors. If the kitten/cat dies within the first 2 years of life due to an inherited genetic disease, buyer must inform seller and buyer must provide a necropsy from a certified veterinarian. Seller will then replace said kitten/cat with one of equal quality when one becomes available. This kitten/cat will not be declawed. This cat/kitten is not being sold as show quality, that is not to say that this cat/kitten could not be, but is being sold as a pet and is priced as a pet. By signing this you agree to above contract.

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Kittens are being fed free choice Purina Pro Plan dry kitten food. Also once a day they are given fancy feast canned kitten food. Fresh water is available always.

Worms are forever not just a kitten thing; worms attach to the intestines and drink your kittens blood. If you notice a few worms come out after the kitten has just been wormed, the wormer is doing its job.

Vomiting: Everyone and even animals get upset stomachs, throwing up isn’t life threatening till it won’t stop. They get car sick in a little bit they’ll get over it. If it doesn’t stop call the vet.

Diarrhea: A little is OK, a lot is not! An animal can last a few days without food but cannot last log without water, diarrhea robs the body of all its fluids. Call your vet!
If your kitten is having a lot of soft poops and isn’t drinking water and is acting depressed get your kitty to the vet!
Anything unusual: Call your vet!